Conditioning with Shawn Booth

Let Shawn get you Rose Ceremony ready. Legendary trainer and TV's Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth will take you through a high-intensity bodyweight workout that focuses on legs, butt and belly. Team up with your new classmates to keep each other honest on those plank holds.

The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup
"The Sculpt Society"

Low impact doesn’t mean low energy in Megan Roup's The Sculpt Society, the NYC class that VS Angels swear by. Challenge yourself with light weight toning exercises (designed specifically for ULTRA Fit Fest using her custom sliders) that will help you get that perfect long and lean look. Megan will motivate you with personalized adjustments and an incredible playlist. The perfect class to round out your desert experience before hitting the pool. 

DOGPOUND with Dara
The Dara Hart Experience

Kick off your day outside with some bark and a lot of bite. Join Dara Hart and tackle the method she puts her celebrity clients through in her renowned NYC studio. You will begin with dynamic movements that focus on improving your form and flexibiliy. You'll then attack her HIIT format as a group leaving you drenched in sweat, followed by partner sequencing and a long cool down. 

"Y7: ULTRA WE FLOW HARD Vinyasa Flow"

Mindfulness doesn’t need to be mind-numbing. WE FLOW HARD™ VINYASA is bringing a completely different vibe to the mindfulness movement, set only to hip hop legends like Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B. Turn up the volume on your flow in this experience that blends thoughtful postures in rigorous sequences. Introspecting just got entertaining. Make sure you don’t miss out.


Go farther together than you ever could alone. Feel the beat drop as CYC and ULTRA take spinning to the next level. Your tribes will compete against each other in class, with everyone pursuing rythms set by a live DJ, who WILL be taking song requests beforehand! Pedal to Kali Uchis, Chvrches, Drake and more. The more miles your tribe rides, the more Michelob ULTRA you'll earn. Be there when the beat meets the beer. Don't miss your chance to show all of ULTRA Fit Fest what your team is made of.

Vixen Workout

Shake it like a superstar. Literally. Vixen Workout’s Janet Jones has choreographed dance moves and workouts for some of the biggest names in music (we’re talking Britney and JLo here) and she’s ready to teach you how to pop and lock like the greats in this live DJ-led dance fest. You’ll learn exclusive, professionally choreographed dance moves to take home, and have an insane amount of fun in this experience that crosses the lines between the gym and the club.

Wavemaker with Gerren Liles

This is a workout for the people who make waves wherever they go. Strengthen your upper body and core in this exclusive ULTRA fitness experience that uses battle rope exercises and intense interval training to create abs you can’t wait to show off, arms that don't need sleeves, and shoulders that you can carry the world on. Partner and team drills will assure you’ll stay motivated. Are you ready to make waves?

Kick It by Eliza
"KIck It: Team ULTRA Style"

Grab a partner and Kick It into high gear with 13 rounds of kickboxing inspired moves designed to induce sweat and endorphins. The music will be blasting as you and the Kick It Crew fly through high-intenstiy intervals, dance combinations and partner movements. You'll get more than just a workout, you'll get empowered by this kick ass community building class. During the championship round, pairs will be split up into "Team RED" and "Team BLUE" where you and your partner can score points to win incredible prizes.

Ironstrength with Dr. Jordan Metzl

The Doctor Will See You Now! Whatever your level of fitness, from newbie to expert, don’t miss your chance to join an IronStrength workout with renowned Hospital for Special Surgery sports physician, best-selling author, and 14 time Ironman triathlete Dr. Jordan Metzl. One of the first physician-developed workouts, IronStrength builds strength and reduces injury risk for athletes of all ages. Performed by more than 12 million people around the world, Dr Metzl’s IronSrength workout will make you laugh, smile, and sweat! Don’t miss the chance to throw down with Dr. Jordan Metzl.